Anne Thomas of Wicca Work

Anne has worked with crafts for as long as she can remember, learning to knit and sew from a very early age.  From making clothes for dolls, Anne moved on to making clothes for herself and knitting and sewing items for around the home, adding embroidery into her skills set and trying felting, machine embroidery, patchwork and many other associated crafts.

Always looking for new things to occupy her hands, Anne took up basket making about 10 years ago – working with willow until a few years ago when she attended a rush workshop and made a rush hat.  The subtle beauty and colour of rush inspired Anne and she now increasingly works with rush, making lovely hats, baskets, boxes and bags.  Such is the appeal, Anne now takes part in the annual rush cut in Somerset – hard work in all kinds of weather – which ensures a good supply of beautiful rush to work with over the coming year.

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