The tutors that run workshops at Cartwheels Craft Centre have been carefully selected based on their experience, knowledge, expertise and reputation to ensure that everyone attending a workshop will experience an inspirational and productive day. Each workshop is carefully prepared by the tutors depending on the subject and the ability of the group for example, ‘An introduction to Willow’ for complete beginners, who can then expand their new skill for ‘Willow Christmas Decorations’ leading onto ‘Willow in the Garden’ in 2014. All workshops have limited spaces to ensure that everyone receives individual attention from the tutor.

If anyone is interested in becoming a tutor at Cartwheels Craft Centre, please contact Julia on 01579 343675 or email using the contact form.

Anne Thomas of Wicca Work

Anne has worked with crafts for as long as she can remember, learning to knit and sew from a very early age.  From making clothes for dolls, Anne moved on to making clothes for herself and knitting and sewing items for around the home, adding embroidery into her skills set and trying felting, machine embroidery, patchwork and many other associated crafts.

Always looking for new things to occupy her hands, Anne took up basket making about 10 years ago – working with willow until a few years ago when she attended a rush workshop and made a rush hat.  The subtle beauty and colour of rush inspired Anne and she now increasingly works with rush, making lovely hats, baskets, boxes and bags.  Such is the appeal, Anne now takes part in the annual rush cut in Somerset – hard work in all kinds of weather – which ensures a good supply of beautiful rush to work with over the coming year.

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Julia Terry – The Felted Sheep

Julia is a Florist by trade and has always enjoyed crafts while experimenting with many different types.  In 2006, Julia was at a craft trade fair and came across needle felting.  She loved the idea of working with wool and could see how versatile the craft could be.  Julia is always happy when she is creating and she has plenty of ideas!

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Sue Rowe

Sue began her patchwork hobby at the age of 5 when her gran taught her the basic techniques. Her hobby then gradually developed to include quilting and in 2011 she decided to make her hobby into a business of her own.  She opened a tea room / craft room at her home where she made and sold cushions, bags, aprons, fabrics, buttons and much more.  In March 2015, Sue transferred her business over to Cartwheels and merged with Julia to open Cartwheels Shop to compliment Cartwheels Craft Centre where Sue also teaches workshops and runs sewing groups.  Together, Sue and Julia are able to hold a larger amount of stock, a wider range of fabrics, threads, wadding and much more.  Sue’s work is a combination of hand-stitching and machine work which has been inspired by her rural life and the countryside surrounding her home.

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Bridget King – Loveny Willow

Bridget had always had a bee in her bonnet to one day be able to make a basket.  On one of those ‘special’ birthdays, her friends gave her a craft token to attend a basket making workshop.

Bridget has been totally hooked ever since and is always on the lookout for something new to try and make using natural products.

Bridget has taught 4 – 6 year olds over a period of 30 years and recently qualified as a Forest School Leader.  She feels that making functional objects from willow and other natural materials is very satisfying and compliments her basic love of nature.