A Beginners Guide to Acrylics with Yvette Wiltshire

With this workshop attracting a lot of new faces to Cartwheels, the day began with some exercises to get used to the materials and techniques that are used in Acrylics.

DSCF5048 (Small)DSCF5047 (Small)DSCF5046 (Small)DSCF5045 (Small)                       A demo by the tutor was then followed by the learners producing their own masterpieces.

DSCF5052 (Small)DSCF5055 (Small)DSCF5053 (Small)DSCF5056 (Small)

DSCF5058 (Small)DSCF5062 (Small)DSCF5063 (Small)DSCF5060 (Small)DSCF5061 (Small)DSCF5064 (Small)



Christmas Willow

DSCF4830 (Small) DSCF4829 (Small) DSCF4828 (Small) DSCF4825 (Small)


Some new ideas for christmas willow decorations this year, filled in stars, bells and the traditional rustic wreath made with coloured willow.

Leaf Wreaths

DSCF4680 (Small) DSCF4681 (Small) DSCF4748 (Small) DSCF4749 (Small) DSCF4750 (Small) DSCF4751 (Small) DSCF4752 (Small) DSCF4753 (Small) DSCF4754 (Small) DSCF4757 (Small) DSCF4758 (Small)

What a lovely aray of fabric leaf wreaths that were made under the watchful eye of Sue Rowe of Dragonfly Crafts.  They are all very different, what a great display!